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Sauna in Sweden

Ice Sweden propose a large range of sauna experience packages.
Your Sauna experience in Sweden is what you want it to be, it could be as simple as renting a lakeside cottage and living the simple life, or as pampered as a weekend at a luxury spa enjoying treatments from the ancient ayurvedic tradition in a setting of relax pools, saunas and therapeutic baths.

Swedes taketheir leisure time, sauna and wellness very seriously, as they strive to find the perfect balance between a hectic work and home life. No wonder then that the image of healthy Swedes taking a dip in a lake after a soothing wood-fired sauna is, in actual fact true.
Sauna in Sweden are increasing in popularity as places to unwind, and to gather around with family and friends. From the home of the midnight sun in the far north to the Swedish archipelago in the south, people are just discovering "Sauna Swedish style".
With your sauna experience in Sweden, you find some extra pampering to balance their hectic lifestyles. Today a sauna experience can offer more than just the treatments enjoyed: you can go to a spa in the far north under the midnight sun, unwind at a spa nestled in the magical landscape of Gotland or visit a spa in the heart of a bustling Swedish city.

Discover and enjoy your Sauna in Sweden, contact us for booking.



Sauna experience packages in Sweden

Ice Sweden propose a large range of sauna experience packages to discover and enjoy the "Sauna Swedish style" !



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Phone: +46 70 324 90 88